Michiana Recycling & Disposal History

Michiana Recycling and Disposal Services is this area’s leading independent, locally owned recycling and waste hauler, how we got here is a long story.

Our family has serviced families and businesses like yours for four generations.

Our beginnings date back to 1918 when we picked up garbage in the Chicago area. During that time we were not called garbage men, but scavengers. In the 1940s our family left Illinois and moved to Michigan where we again went into the garbage business. The 40s and 50s were years where garbage was fed to our pigs and the pigs were sold to market (keep in mind, during this time there was a lot more food scrap and a lot less plastic).

In 1971 we began recycling operations for some of our commercial customers. Michiana Recycling and Disposal Services began servicing the Indiana market in 1990. Through the years the name of the company has changed as we have grown but our family’s commitment to our customers has not. Additionally during this time we have added many customers, as well as, absorbing some smaller haulers to become the company we are today.

Some of our more recent historic events:

The Future Michiana Recycling and Disposal Services is committed to providing more recycling options to our customers and to expand our available services.

May 2006 Broke Ground on Material Recovery Facility
December 2006 Construction completed on our Material Recovery Facility and began sorting our commercial trucks.
June 2007 Introduced weekly curbside recycling to our residential customers and began sorting our residential trucks at our Material Recovery Facility
September 2007 Introduced weekly curbside yard waste recycling program to our residential customers
December 31, 2007 Celebrated our first year of operating our Material Recovery Facility
June 2008 Expansion completed to our Material Recovery Facility
July 2008 Installed the conveyor sort system at our Material Recovery Facility
October 2008 Launched our FREE office paper recycling to commercial customers
December 31, 2008 Celebrated our second year at our Material Recovery Facility. We recycled over 5512 tons.
February 2009 Launched our ONE STOP ONE CONTAINER ONE TRUCK system by combining our commercial cardboard and trash routes
July 2009 Began sorting and shredding of wood from our industrial loads.
December 31, 2009 Celebrated our third year at our Material Recovery Facility. We recycled over 7104 tons.
May 2016 Completed our third and largest expansion to the Material Recovery Facility adding 20,000 square feet for a total size of 38,000 square feet and increasing our conveyors footage from 214 linear feet to over 1100 linear feet.