Recycling Instructions:
Absolutely No Garbage or Yard Waste

Newspaper & Brown Paper Bags Including advertising inserts. Place newspapers in brown paper bags or plastic grocery bags.

Junk Mail Junk mail includes magazines, envelopes, catalogs, and office paper. Please shred any personal papers or letters and place in separate clear bag.

Colorless Bottles & Jars Rinse out, remove lids, labels can be left on. NO Pyrex, window glass, ceramics or light bulbs. NO drinking glasses or decorative glass. NO brown or green glass at this time

Corrugated Cardboard Please break down your cardboard boxes. Bundle or box them together. Do not place in bags.

Paperboard Paperboard from cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc. NO paperboard from frozen or microwave containers

Metals Metal food and beverage cans, lids, caps, aluminum pie ins, tray, aluminum cans and foil IF they are CLEAN. Rinse thoroughly. Labels are okay. Empty aerosol cans are also accepted.

Plastic Bottles, Jugs & Rigid Containers (such as those used for food or beauty products)
Milk, water jugs, laundry and hair care bottles etc. are okay. Rinse thoroughly. Labels are ok. NO 5 gallon pails, plastic flower pots, toys, bottle caps etc. NO plastic bags, styrofoam or film NO containers used for motor oil or chemical products