South Bend Indiana Roll Off Containers, Dumpsters and Waste Collection Services

Michiana Recycling and Disposal Service is South Bend, Indiana’s leading recycling and garbage collection company, who is committed to providing highly efficient roll-off services to South Bend area communities, businesses and homes. Now you can enjoy roll off capabilities to support large construction projects and demolition sites, as well as commercial business waste throughout the greater South Bend area. To support a wide range of needs, Michiana Recycling and Disposal offers open-top containers, compactors and compactor receiver boxes ranging in size from 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 cubic yards.

Sizes Available
  • 10 yard3’ high x 8’ wide x
    16’ long
  • 20 yard 4’ high x 8’ wide x
    22’ long
  • 30 yard 5 1/2’ high x 8’ wide x
    22’ long
  • 40 yard 7’ high x 8’ wide x
    22’ long

South Bend, Indiana Dumpster Waste Disposal Services

Michiana Recycling and Disposal Service feature front-end loading containers throughout the greater South Bend area ranging in sizes of 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 cubic yards. Our scheduled service for South Bend includes: every other week, once a week or up to six times per week schedules.

Dumpster Sizes Available

  • Commercial
    Size 2 41" x 46" x 80"
  • Commercial
    Size 4 57" x 64" x 80"
  • Commercial
    Size 683" x 51" x 80"
  • Commercial
    Size 8 102" x 51" x 80"
  • Commercial
    Size 10 89" x 90" x 80"

South Bend, Indiana Recycling Services

State of the art recycling programs for our South Bend customers are typified by our ONE STOP - ONE CONTAINER ONE - TRUCK recycling program. The beauty of this system is that it allows our South Bend customers the ability to commingle approved recycling and waste materials together in one dumpster, where it is later processed by our state licensed and state inspected Material Recovery Facility. Once waste collection materials arrive at our facility, where we carefully sort out the woods, metals, concrete, papers, cardboard, vinyl and drywall, then further separate it for additional processing. Once completed, we then haul a small fraction to the local landfill where proper waste disposal standards are met (or exceeded). And for those who require it, we further assist our South bend customers in meeting their LEED requirements with the proper documentation.

Benefits to South Bend, Indiana Customers

Locally owned and operated, and with over 20 years experience in consistently serving the needs of the greater South Bend area, Michiana Recycling and Disposal offers safe and reliable waste / trash collection and recycling services. We are fully insured and offer fast response NEXTEL dispatched waste collection trucks. Contact Michiana Recycling and Disposal during normal business hours, and you’ll receive personalized service. You can also leave an automated message after hours, send email or even make your monthly payments online. Call 269.684.0900 today!